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The Cultural Affairs Department, New Taipei City Government, formerly known as Taipei County Cultural Center, was established on October 8th,1984. Originally located on Zhuangjing Road in Banqiao City, it is a multi-functional cultural venue equipped with a concert hall, a library, exhibition rooms and a lecture hall.


On January 3rd, 2000, Taipei County Cultural Center became the Cultural Affairs Department, Taipei County and 4 divisions were established – Cultural Administration, Arts Presentation, Arts Promotion and Cultural Heritage. In 2003, it was relocated to the Taipei County Government Building and its old residence was renamed the "Arts and Cultural Center". In addition to the library, the concert hall and exhibition rooms are still in use. In 2007, the former Cultural Administration Division was renamed the Cultural Development Division as Taipei County Government became a quasi-municipality. The remaining three divisions were renamed the Visual and Performing Arts Division, Arts Promotion Division, and Cultural Heritage Division.


At the end of 2010, with the name change from Taipei County to New Taipei City, the Cultural Affairs Department was renamed the Cultural Affairs Department, New Taipei City Government. Besides adding the"Cultural Facility Division", it also gradually takes over the operations of the Xinchuan Cultural and Arts Center, Pinglin Tea Museum, 435 Arts Zone while establishing the New Taipei City Beauty Forever Living Art Center, Fuzhong 15 – New Taipei City Documentary Cinema, and Fuzhong 15 – New Taipei City Animation & Story Gallery .


By upholding the principles of being forward-looking, innovative, sustainable as well as answering the needs of New Taipei citizens, the Department is dedicated to combining culture and industry, carrying out community empowerment, encouraging regeneration and reuse of cultural heritage as well as promoting local culture to global audience. The aims are to provide citizens a top-quality cultural life and to exhibit the new cultural atmosphere of "New Taipei City".