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The Organization Regulations

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The Organization Regulations (Promulgated on December-2nd, 2011.)

Article 1 The regulations are stipulated based on Article 6 of the autonomous ordinance of the New Taipei City Government organization.


Article 2 The Cultural Affairs Department of the New Taipei City Government (herein referred to as the "Department") has a commissioner who is authorized by the mayor to manage all affairs within the Department as well as directing and supervising the affiliated units and their employees; a deputy commissioner is also appointed to assist the commissioner in relevant affairs.


Article 3 The Department has the following divisions and sections and their job duties are as followed: 1

Cultural Development Division: To study on the city's cultural policies and systems, plan and promote cultural exchange, establish and assist cultural foundations and institutes, train culture-related talents, plan and promote cultural & creative industry as well as other cultural developments.

2 Visual and Performing Arts Division: To plan and manage performing arts space, subsidize and assist performing arts, promote and implement art education as well as promoting culture and art related events.

3 Arts Promotion Division: To plan and promote the city's cultural environments, resources and activities, public art and literature as well as other arts and performances related promotions.

4 Cultural Heritage Division: To list, register, preserve, manage and maintain historical sites, historical constructions, settlements, ruins, ancient artifacts, cultural landscapes, traditional arts, folklore and relevant artifacts, collect and preserve literature as well as preserve and maintain other relevant intangible cultural heritages.

5 Cultural Facilities Division: To manage environments of military dependents village, plan and promote activities, plan and manage artist-in-residence, establish and assist as well as supervise cultural facilities.

6 Secretariat: In charge of document and file management, government document management, management on affairs, collecting payments for goods/services, procurements and properties, legal affairs, research, development and evaluation, administrative plans, public relations, new issuance, comprehensive business and affairs not belonging to any divisions or sections.


Article 4 The Department consists of chief secretary, senior executive officer, division chiefs, office chiefs, secretary, executive officers, technical specialist, heads, associate researchers, assistant researchers, officers, associate (assistant) technical specialists, junior officers, junior technical specialists, clerks, and associate clerks.

Article 5 The Department is installed with an Accounting Office with a chief, officers to handle fiscal year counts, accounting and statistical affairs.

Article 6 The Department is installed with a Personnel Office with a chief, officers to handle personnel related business according to the law.

Article 7 The Department is installed with a Civil Service Ethics Office with a chief, officers to handle civil service ethics related affairs according to the law.

Article 8 The Department supervises museums and libraries. The organization regulations are stimulated separately.

Article 9 The job titles and positions as well as its numbers of person listed in the regulations will be shown in the table of organization. Official ranks and grades are regulated based on Table of Functions by Grades.

Article 10 The Department will, after being approved by the New Taipei City Government (herein referred to as the "City"), establish various committees deemed as necessary.

Article 11 When the position of commissioner is vacant and before his/her successor reports to the post, an acting commissioner will be assigned by the City during this period of time. In case that the commissioner is absent or unable to fulfill his/her duties for certain reasons, the order for the acting commissioner is as the followings:

1 Deputy Commissioner.

2 Chief Secretary.

3 Senior Executive Officer.

For the situation mentioned above, the city may appoint appropriate acting commissioner for the Department.


Article 12 The department affair meetings held by the Department are made up by the following personnel:

1 Commissioner

2 Deputy Commissioner

3 Chief Secretary

4 Senior Executive Officer

5 Division Chiefs

6 Office Chiefs

The department affair meetings are called by the commissioner who also acts as the chairman of the meetings. When necessary, the commissioner may invite or appoint relevant personnel to sit in or attend the meetings.

Article 13 The Department's Itemized Lists of Proper Levels of Responsibilities are divided into A and B forms. Form A is developed by the Department and approved by the City. Form B is developed by the Department and submitted to the City for review.


Article 14 The Regulations are effective on the date it is promulgated.