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Scope of Services

Direct Line



Cultural Development Division

  1. Operation support and management of cultural and arts institutions and establishment of the cultural funds
  2. Establishment, management and utilization of information system
  3.  Establishment of cultural systems and formulation of related regulations
  4. Training of cultural administration personnel
  5. Integration and guidance of public libraries in New Taipei City


Cultural Heritage Division

  1. Planning of the preservation and research of cultural assets documentation
  2. Discovery, preservation and exhibition of historical relics
  3. Preservation, maintenance and management of the historical sites
  4.  Investigation, preservation and transmission of the folk arts
  5. Promotion of the local cultural and historical works
  6.  Preservation, development, promotion of other cultural assets


Cultural Facilities Division

  1.  Establishment and management of arts and culture performing facilities in New Taipei City
  2. Other cultural facilities matters


Arts Promotion Division

  1. Promotion and support of community arts and cultural activities
  2. Training of cultural volunteers
  3. Assistance to grassroots level arts and culture workers
  4. Encouragement of research and publication of literary creations
  5. Preservation, development, promotion of the local languages and customs
  6. Promotion of other arts and cultural matters


Visual and Performing Arts Division

  1. Subsidization of artistic creation, performance and research
  2. Planning and promotion of arts exhibitions and performances
  3. Guidance and support of the arts groups
  4. Promotion of other arts-related activities
  5. Application for exhibition activities
  6.  Management of the Performance Hall of New Taipei City Cultural Center



  1. Execution of affairs related to the rental of exhibition space, publications, seals, cashier, research, regulations
  2. Purchasing, property management and facilities management


Personnel Office

·         Management of personnel matters


Accounting Office

·      Planning of annual budget, accounting and statistical matters


Civil Service Ethics Office

·         Management of civil service ethics matters


New Taipei City
Yingge Ceramics Museum

  1. Founding objective: New Taipei City Government has established the Yingge Ceramics Museum for collection or data, research, preservation exhibition and promotion of the ceramics education to the public
  2. Website:


Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology,
New Taipei City

  1. Foundation objective: New Taipei City Government has established the Shisanhang Museum to preserve the Shisanhang Ruins and related cultural heritage  
  2. Website:


Gold Museum,
New Taipei City Government

  1. Foundation objective: New Taipei City Government has established the Gold Ecological Park, based on the management ideals of maintaining an ecological museum collecting data on gold mining history and conducting investigation and survey in the Jinguashi area, to investigate, collect, research, demonstrate and preserve the natural ecology  
  2. Website:


Tamsui Historical Museum,
New Taipei City

  1. Foundation objective: New Taipei City Government has established the Tamsui Historical Museum to invigorate and reutilize the historical sites, integrate education, industry and tourism in promoting the historical sites of Tamsui area based on the ideal of community building as well as collect information, materials, conduct research, promotion and exhibitions  
  2.  Website:


New Taipei City Library

  1. Foundation objective: New Taipei City Government established the New Taipei City Library in order to provide library and information services, promote social education and organize cultural activities  
  2. Website: