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Community Development

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Since the “Community Infrastructure Establishment” was launched by the Council for Cultural Affairs, 

Executive Yuan, New Taipei City has nurtured residents’ “community awareness,” and enthusiastically 

undertaken the promotion of the aforementioned master plan, community seed development and 

guidance on community development. The efforts have gained the support of the people, invigorated local 

cultural traditions, and improved the quality of life in the communities.


The dedication made by community partners in the city is manifested in the achievements in the 

community development of New Taipei City and its rapid community growth. All of the success can be 

attributed to community seed development. Through workshops, the master plan is promoted and 

community development experiences are shared. Through the promotion of community development by 

community seeds, the people’s concern for community is aroused and its residents’ common awareness 

is enhanced in hopes of developing a more energetic community with cultural features from the 

participation of the community residents, integration of community resources and development of 

cohesiveness-promoting activities.


The directives of the Community Infrastructure Establishment in New Taipei City:

(1) Respond to the needs of future overall development of New Taipei City.

(2) Launch community development through consolidating government and community resources.

(3) Develop locally recognized themes for community development based on local features.

(4) Promote community integration and encourage the development of local inter-community teams.

(5) Develop an information platform for community development to integrate and accumulate experiences.