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1. The New Taipei City Government Cultural Affairs Bureau (hereafter referred as the Bureau) has established these reugulations in order to consolidate the consensus within the volunteer team (VT), promote service efficiency and enhance service quality in its promotion of cultural and educational activities.


Organization and Duties


2. The purpose of the establishment of the volunteer team is to enable volunteer who love culture and arts to assist the Bureau in promoting cultural and art activities and administrative tasks.

3. In order to promote the division of tasks among the volunteers, it is to select a team leader and an assistant of team leader, as well as divide the team into “Historical Site Survey Group” and “Fine Arts Survey Group”. Each group has a group leader and officers, depending on the needs; the rest will serve as team members and work as a team. There will be a supervisor who will supervise related administrative tasks appointed by this Bureau for each group. (Please see the volunteer worker group organization chart for details).

4. The team leader and assistant leader eligible for re-election will be selected by the team members in a team of 2 years, and the team leader will have the responsibility to manage the team, call and preside over meetings, and communicate between the volunteer team and this Bureau. The assistant leader will assist the team leader, and will also be responsible for general affairs.

5. The group leaders eligibal for re-election are selected by the group members, and are hired by the team leader for 2 years. The group leaders are responsible for group tasks. The group officers will be chosen by the group leader, who will serve the same period of time as the group leader.

6. In addition to their own group tasks, each group is also responsible for research, propaganda and organization of activities. The division of the tasks will be decided by the team leader, deputy team leader and both group leaders.

7. In case of need, the teams may hire up to three consultants for consultation services. The candidates for consultants will be hired according to the following conditions by the team leader, and the term of which is the same as the team leader.

(1) Former-team leaders and officers.

(2) Volunteer with special contribution to this Bureau or the volunteer team.

8. In case of vacancies in official posts:

(1) In case of the incapacity of the team leader to complete his term, his tasks will be taken over by the assistant team leader. (2) In case of the incapacity of both the team leader and the assistant team leader, both group leaders will choose between themselves one person to take over the tasks of the team leader.

(3) In case of the incapacity of the assistant team leader to complete his term, the team leader can select another person to assume the post.

(4) In case of the incapacity of the group leader to complete his term, the group members can elect another person to assume the post.

(5) In case of the incapacity of an officer to conplete his term, the group leader can select another person to assume the post.

Duties and division of labor


9. The main responsibilities

(1)Team responsibilities:

A. Research: Participate in the annual planning, organize meetings and records, collect the service records, and make surveys and statistical tables.

B. Propaganda: Establish, maintain and file information materials, send out notices of meeting and activities, design activities propaganda posters, establish and maintain a website.

C. Activities: Organize, execute and photograph activities like the bimonthly meetings, volunteer workers congress, gatherings and visits.


(2)Group tasks:

A. Historical Site survey group: Guide and explain historical sites to tourists, organize documentation materials, edit published cultural materials, provide administrative support in cultural and other activities.

B. Fine arts survey group: Guide and explain exhibition pieces on a regular basis or by appointment, organize volunteer schedules, maintain public order, edit the publications, provide administrative support in cultural and other activities.


10. In the event of special cases, this Bureau can re-assign a number of volunteers for support. The workers can return to their own groups, after completing their mission. Conferences and gatherings


11. A congress for all volunteers is to be convened by the leader in December of every year, and participated in by supervisors of the volunteers. During the congress, the annual task reput as well as the achievement reports will be presented. The next period's leader of volunteers will be elected. The congress can only take place when the majority of the volunteer workers are present. Regarding to the important decisions, a majority vote of the participating volunteers is required for approval.


12. A meeting every two months will be convened the leaders for the volunteers, to evaluate team tasks, conduct inter-departmental communication, to announce future activities, as well as to celebrate the birthdays of volunteers. Each department can conven a meeting if necessary.


13. Meetings can be called by the leaders or assistant leaders when the need arises to discuss the annual plan/activities and evaluate tasks. Group meetings can be called by officers when the need arises.


14. An emergency meeting can be called by leader or through a signature campaign by at least 50% of the volunteer workers in the event that important cases must be made. Important decisions can be made only with the approval of the majority of the participating volunteer workers.


15.The Bureau and the volunteers should receive the record of conference within two weeks. Other conference records shall also be

presented to this Bureau within two weeks for documentation. Recruitment training and duties and responsibilities


16. Every year, the Social Affairs Bureau of this Government shall organize a general recruitment process. The Bureau can also recruit volunteer workers when the need arises.


17. New volunteer workers shall complete 12 hours of basic training courses. In case of special needs, the worker shall receive 12 more hours of supplementary training courses.


18. The volunteer workers shall complete 40 hours of practical training once basic and supplementary training courses have been completed. Then they will receive a volunteer worker ID card and voluntary service record, and enjoy privileges as volunteer workers of this Bureau.


19. The hiring contract for volunteer workers is valid for one year. Depending on the needs, each department can set up the minimum number of service hours per year. The volunteers who do not complete the minimum requirement of hours may not be re-hired.


20. The official volunteer workers can enjoy insurance benefits, and also participate in training activities; they can also get meal bonuses depending on the availability of additional budget. They also have the privilege to participate in the cultural activities, conferences or courses organized by this Bureau.


21. After servicing for 3 years and over 300 hours, the volunteer worker can apply for a volunteer service honor card, which entitles themto enter “public scenic spots free of charge, as well as tourist places and cultural and educational facilities without fixed seats numbers”.These places are free of charge to the card holders (except parking and other extra costs).


22. Volunteer workers with special contribution or with outstanding achievement will obtain special public mention at the annual volunteer worker congress. Senior or outstanding volunteer workers will be nominated for the outstanding workers competition organized by institutions like Council for Cultural Affairs of the Executive Yuan or New Taipei City Government.

The termination of volunteer worker qualification and appeal procedures


23. Except for those volunteers who leave their position voluntarily, the volunteer workers’ service will be terminated if involved in any caseof being remiss in their duties, unrestrained behavior, violating ethical rules, or any other case which offends people's rights or interests, or influences this Bureau's reputation, and fail to ameliorate the acts after several warnings. If the case is significantly severe and has been verified, this Bureau will convene a meeting of volunteer worker officers, and invite the concerned volunteer worker to participate in the meeting to give an explanation. The officers will discuss and vote on the case. Voting will be conducted only when at least two-thirds of the officers are present. The decision considered official only with the approval of the majority of officers present.


24. If there is any objection to the decisions made by this Bureau concerning individual rights, as for example, the termination of qualifications which has damaged interest, the concerned party can appeal within 30 days after receipt of the written decision, which is permitted only once. After receipt of the appeal, this Bureau shall convene a meeting within 30 days, and invite the volunteer worker to give an explanation, after which the Bureau will make the final decision.

Supplementary article


25. Matters which have not completely considered in this regulation shall be correspondingly handled will respect to the relevant laws.