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2018 New Taipei City Christmasland

Date 11/16-2019/01/01

Venue Citizen’s Square, Zhanqian Square, Wanping Park and the surrounding area



The“2018 New Taipei City Christmasland”has been transformed into a fascinating planet-scape! Combining fantasy and sci-fi techniques, Santa Bear will become an astronaut and take you on a spaceship to travel through the space. This year, Citizen’s Square, Zhanqian Park and Wanping park will be adorned with colorful lightings as usual. Moreover, the Christmasland will be extend to the MRT Banqiao Station and the vibrant Fuzhong business district. In collaboration with Jen Lewin, the famous light artist from New York, New Taipei City will install “The Pool” in Citizen’s Square, which will create a wide range of overlapping images and light effects created by stomping, running and jumping visitors. “Fantasy Planet,“ an interactive light installation developed by the German lighting system MADRIX and the sliver LED light, will stage an audio-visual light show every thirty and sixty minutes from 17:30 November 17.

This year, the highly-acclaimed “New Taipei City projection mapping Light Sculpture Show” will for the first time, adding by 900 RGB LED flash light tubes on the upper level walkway of the Citizen’s Square. The light tubes, the same kind as the ones used in the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, are controlled by the latest MADRIX lighting program. Each tube, which is able to flash up to 256 different colors, will create a whole new great New Taipei City projection mapping light scuplpture show. With the iconic New Taipei City Christmas tree, the entire light show will occupy up to 7,737 m2 of space in total and take the whole world’s breath away!

Another feature of this year is the four different mesmerizing tunnels built with four different colors of lights. The program will run from November 16 to January 01, 2019. The forty-seven-day festival will bring to you excellent activities including Kids’ Carnival, Christmas Market, Superstar Concerts, and Dating in Christmas. We invite you to be part of the greatest Christmas event in Taiwan!