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Community Building

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Ruifang Old Street


During the Japanese occupation period, Li Jian-xing, a local leader from a prominent Ruifang clan, was accused along with others of inciting rebellion, and escaped into hiding in the mountains. While in hiding they met with their friends and relatives at night, using torches to indicate where their hiding places were located. This event has since been memorialized, and is the source of the local custom of carrying torches along Ruifang Old Street during the Lantern Festival celebration.




Taishan Dake Community


In Taishan District’s Dake Community, most residents make their living from agriculture. Bamboo is cultivated in abundance, giving rise to a thriving decorative woven-bamboo lantern handicraft industry and the moniker “home of bamboo lanterns.” Members of the local community have researched the traditional woven-bamboo lantern skills passed on as part of this inheritance, which has in turn has given them a strong feeling for their history and sense of identity.






Youth Participation in Community Building


The exuberant creativity of young people is a powerful force for community participation. We encourage youth participation in public affairs, and hope young people develop awareness of the issues facing their communities and channel their creativity and passion into real transformative action to bring positive change to their neighborhoods.