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New Taipei Biennale

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Art Exhibition

New Taipei Biennale


The New Taipei Biennale, held every two years, is an important New Taipei City celebration of the visual arts. The exhibition is staged on March 25 during the arts festival. The main purpose of the exhibition is to pay tribute to artists who have dedicated themselves to artistic creation. It provides artists with the opportunity for the regular display of their work and for artistic interchange.

Each year approximately four hundred artists come together at the exhibition to display work produced using a diverse range of creative media. The exhibition is spread across eight New Taipei City galleries and exhibition halls to allow convenient ease of access for citizens in different districts, so that all can come enjoy the talent on display.


The New Taipei City Art Competition and Exhibition


This combined exhibition/competition has been held for many years in New Taipei City. Artists and creators from all corners of the country come to participate each year. The main purpose of the competition is to cultivate artistic talent. In addition to encouraging artists to persist in their creative work, the most outstanding works from the competition are showcased in a joint exhibition, giving the public an opportunity to enjoy these artists’ works that brim with imagination and vitality.

New Taipei City Graduation Exhibition


To encourage young people to engage in artistic creation, each year we assist student art majors with the staging of an exhibition featuring their graduation works. We provide students with professional exhibition venues, planning, marketing and promotion, offer support to help students accumulate practical experience in exhibition planning, and help them gain increased exposure for their work.

Each year, graduating students in many creative disciplines from all around the country enter their works in this joint exhibition. Through this support program, graduating students can showcase their creative achievements in a professional exhibition venue and at the same time view the works of students from other school programs, and exchange ideas.