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Historic Sites

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New Taipei City is home to 88 Monuments, 57 Historic Buildings, Four Archeological Sites, and Four Cultural Landscapes:



The Lin Family Mansion and Garden

The Lin Family Mansion and Garden is Taiwan’s best-preserved traditional residence and garden. In imperial times wealthy merchants commonly built enormous courtyard residences with elaborate gardens to live well and to entertain officials and other important people. After a century of use, much of this complex was in ruins, but after meticulous research by experts in the field, it was later restored to its original elegance. This priceless asset left by our forefathers is a treasure vault for understanding Taiwan’s history and traditional architecture.




Former Residence of Tamsui Township Head Tada Eikichi


This heritage residence is located half-way up the slopes of Tamsui’s Puding Mountain. Its lofty position offers visitors a panorama overlooking the Tamsui River and across to Mt. Guanyin. Originally the site of the Xuehai Academy, the property was purchased at the beginning of the Republican period by Tada Eikichi, the head of Tamsui township. This was the first private residence in Taiwan to be supplied with public tap water. This work of architecture is thus not only a place of cultural significance, but also an important milestone marker in the district’s developmental history.




Luzhou Li Family Historic House


The Luzhou Li Family Historic House is a large-scale residential complex consisting of three siheyuan, or four-sided courtyard residences, made of brick and stone. Construction on the house was begun in 1857. The complex, an official’s residence and farmstead, has a total of sixty rooms in nine halls.
The Li family’s pioneering ancestors came to Taiwan in 1777. In the early Republican period, descendant Li You-bang became China’s first Taiwan-born general. During the Second World War, General Li established four Taiwan hospitals in the Chinese theatre and led the Taiwan volunteer corps in the fight against the Japanese. After 23 years of restoration work, the Li Family Historic House was formally opened to the public in 2006. A range of folk-culture activities are on offer, the most popular of which is zhua zhou, in which children who have reached their first birthday randomly pick from among items to reveal their future vocation.