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New Taipei City International Drum Arts Festival

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New Taipei City International Drum Arts Festival


The origins of this event go back to the internationally renowned Xiang Ren He Drum Factory in New Taipei City’s Xinzhuang District. The hand-crafted drums created in the factory have an international reputation and are used by performance troupes and temples both at home and around the world. This heritage maker of traditional bells and drums is a cultural asset and a source of tremendous pride to the residents of Xinzhuang District.

The city’s International Drum Arts Festival is held each May. Local and international performance troupes take part, thrilling the audience with a program that mixes traditional, modern, and crossover drum-performance art. The event gives the public a greater appreciation of the wonderful variability and multicultural character of the drum arts. In addition to the performances, the Cultural Affairs Department organizes a series of drum displays and experience activities for the festival period. Through these initiatives, the Department hopes to promote and preserve the traditional art of drum-making, and to enable the public to experience the joy of drumming.