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New Taipei City Literature Awards

The purpose of the New Taipei City Literature Awards is to encourage more people to participate in literary creation, and to cultivate new literary talent. Competition categories include novels, essays, poems, stage plays, picture books, children’s stories, and travel literature. We compile the winning entries into a book for publication and post them on local metro trains so that people may read them while going about their daily lives.

National Calligraphy Competition

The purpose of this competition is to promote traditional calligraphy culture and raise public interest in calligraphy. Each year this competition attracts participation from many people with a love for calligraphic art. Entrants include locals and students of foreign nationality, new immigrant residents, and even prison inmates. It is our hope that the competition will enable the public to become better acquainted with the beauty of traditional calligraphy, and to learn to nurture their own peace and tranquility through the practice of this artform.

Take Up Your Pens


The Take Up Your Pens writing competition was begun as an attempt to encourage elementary and junior high students, and the public at large, to once again experience the warmth and joy of composing written text by hand in this digital age. Writers give expression to all the flavors of life and their insights into living in their works, and this competition allows readers to enter into these diverse landscapes of human existence and experience some of life’s most touching moments together.

We compile the handwritten manuscripts of the prize-winning works for publication in book form. We hope that publication will allow more people to enjoy the warmth and passion that is communicated between the lines, to rediscover the literary word—and the urge to write.