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Fuzhong 15 – New Taipei City Documentary Cinema

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Fuzhong 15 – New Taipei City Documentary Cinema


Fuzhong 15 – New Taipei City Documentary Cinema is the first screening venue in Taiwan to be focused on documentary films. The main purpose in its establishment is the promotion of documentary films and the creation of an environment that supports documentary production, offers a space for screenings, and promotes the exchange of ideas.

Each month, the cinema offers a new themed film festival with screenings of more than fifty non-commercial works including documentaries and art films. Film lectures and workshops are also held regularly, and legal consultation services are provided for documentary makers. Since the establishment of the Fuzhong 15 cinema, the facility has earned a great deal of praise from both documentary makers and the public, and become a cherished institution. It is an important base for documentary film and film arts education and promotion both in New Taipei City and throughout Taiwan.