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I Left My Heart in Tamsui: A Celebration of Tamsui’s History

Transformation of Tamsui: The journey in becoming an international trading port
We offer a wide range of activities showcasing the founding of the Tamsui Port in 1862! Don’t miss out on our special exhibitions in May and exciting programs in July, which includes thematic activities, performances, day trips, prize draw, special LINE stickers, lectures, podcasts and seminars, we are bringing the whole 1862 Tamsui package to you!
In May, our two special exhibitions introduce the key events of Tamsui’s history, including the establishment of the Tamsui Port and Customs in 1862, and the arrival of George Mackay in 1872. Within this ten-year period, Tamsui transformed into an international port and the destination of countless merchant ships. This led to the collision and exchange of different cultures, paving the way for the unique cultural landscape of the Tamsui Port.

Passing the Hurdles! Celebrating 160 years of Tamsui Port
In May, we launch “Passing the Hurdles! Celebrating 160 years of Tamsui Port” Special Exhibition, this is held in Warehouse C of the Tamsui Customs Wharf, we have transformed all historical events into actual onsite hurdles. Here, you will meet John Todd, the late nineteenth-century British businessman and representative, as well as missionary George Mackay. You are invited to join their team and explore the histories of Tamsui Port. This exhibition consists of three missions:
Firstly, in “Decoding the Customs House,” you will take on the role of a foreign businessman travelling to Taiwan. Here, you will be asked to decode all the custom procedures, paving your way into a millionaire.
Next, in “Decoding Foreign Trade,” you need to learn about the hidden roles of business and trades in Taiwan. You have to carefully consider all steps, from commercial rental to business negotiations with local merchants. This is the only way to secure your wealth.
Last, in “Decoding Daily Life,” you are asked to learn about all aspects of a nineteenth-century life, including access to medication, recreations, food and services on demand. Such knowledge will improve the quality of your life in Tamsui.
While visiting the exhibition, you are also invited to take photos with all our historical figures. What’s more, there is a “sampan boat helper” hiding in our exhibition space! You can simply scan the QR codes in our space and run a successful business with our little helper. The helper will team up with you to build your own firm, solving all issues and explore business strategies in Taiwan, making your dream of becoming a top millionaire to come true!


Coming to Taiwan: George Mackay, his family and their influences
In order to provide a comprehensive view of George Mackay and his descendants, we have curated Coming to Taiwan- George Mackay, his family and their influences exhibition in the Western-Style Building at the Tamsui Customs Wharf. This exhibition comprises three major sections, including “Coming to Taiwan,” “Education is Key” and “My Land, My People:”
“Coming to Taiwan” showcases Mackay’s dedication to the varied communities all around Taiwan, as both a Christian missionary and medical doctor. Mackay documented his experience with words and photography, leaving us invaluable records of the cultural and historical landscape of Taiwan.
“Education is Key” provides an overview of Mackay family’s commitment of education in Tamsui. Through the establishment of the Tamsui Girls School and Tam-Kong High School, the Mackays were pioneers of local schools and women’s education in Tamsui.
“My land, My People” features photographs, drawings and written records from the Mackay family collection, showcasing their deep love of Taiwan.
We invite you to visit us and experience the diverse history of Tamsui.

I Left My Heart in Tamsui: A Celebration of Tamsui’s History
Now Until July