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Arts and Museum Eventsin New Taipei City

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2024 New Taipei City Cultural Spring Festival – A Prosperous Year of the Dragon






 the New Taipei City government will present the

"Cultural Spring Festival" during the Chinese New Year.

The museums and cultural venues in the New Taipei City Museum Group will remain open throughout the Lunar New Year holiday. This year, the New Taipei City Government's Cultural Affairs Bureau has organized events under the theme "Gather, Create, and Design a Prosperous New Year Together." Three major spring activities are planned:


1. **Lucky and Auspicious "Dragon" Collection:**

   Renowned designers have been invited to create limited-edition exquisite red envelopes and cultural creative gifts featuring elements of the Dragon. Participants can obtain these items by attending designated activities at the museums in early February. Due to limited quantities, these items will be given away and not sold.


2. **"Dragons Together" Spring Bus Tour:**

   The Cultural Affairs Bureau encourages citizens to explore various cultural venues during the spring season. A special "Dragons Together" spring bus tour combines popular photo booths with a tour bus. People can capture moments of joy with family and friends using photo booths stationed at each venue. Exclusive frames and props are provided at each location, symbolizing a year filled with good fortune.

3. **Seasonal Activities at Cultural Venues:**

   Starting before the Lunar New Year, each museum has arranged a series of festive activities, performances, DIY workshops, and limited-edition New Year gifts for visitors.


   - The Tamsui Historic Museum offers a cute stamp-carving and New Year’s decoration activity on Jan. 27 and Jan. 28, allowing visitors to create their own Spring Festival couplets.

   - The Gold Museum has invited a calligraphy master to write auspicious phrases on Feb. 3 at 1:30 p.m. Visitors can receive a free copy and enjoy activities with red New Year’s decorations and Dragon-year stamps.

   - The Thirteen Levels Heritage Museum will hold three daily DIY activities from Feb. 11 to Feb. 14, where participants can create joyous silk-printed auspicious paintings.

   - The 435 Art Zone in Banqiao welcomes visitors to experience DIY activities offered by resident artists, design studios, and performance groups during the Chinese New Year.

   - The Yingge Ceramics Museum will host various activities, including demonstrations of dragon vase painting, workshops for creating fire-spewing dragons, and painting dragon-themed ceramic plates starting from Feb. 12.


Other venues such as the Lin Ben Yuan Family Mansion, Pinglin Tea Industry Museum, and Fu Zhong 15 also offer unique DIY experiences, performances, and festive events during the Spring Festival.


In addition to these cultural activities, the New Taipei City Library and its branches will offer rewards for readers, including a "New Year Lucky Bag" for the first reader completing a book transaction on Feb. 14. Readers at the main library from Feb. 14 to Feb. 17 can write auspicious dragon-related phrases on social media or borrow five books in exchange for small gifts.


Various museums also will also hold street performances, magic shows, circus acts, music performances, and more throughout the Lunar New Year holiday, providing diverse entertainment options for residents and visitors alike.


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