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Battle of Tamsui in Sino -French War 






In October, 1884, Tamsui, a quiet, quaint town, find herself besieged by heavy canon fire! The Douglas Lapraik & Co Building, Customs Quay and Fortress San Domingo witnessed this battle, which led to the construction of the towering Huwei Fort, constructed in its aftermath. This October, the Tamsui Heritage Museum will present the “Re-enactment of the Sino-Franco War.” The program commences with the theatrical epic “Battle Ritual,” which unveils this historical episode. Scholars from around the world will present their most recent research findings. The five showrooms will present aspects folk tales, experiential activities, photo images and lifestyle tidbits, and everyone is invited to revisit the year 1884 to explore the century-old secret of Tamsui.



Story Gallery and Multi-image Center – the Narrative of Times Gone By

The “Story Gallery” will transform the former Douglas Lapraik & Co building on the historic street to an information Center. The gallery will feature a variety of dynamic and lively interactive audiovisual technology to bring into focus different historical narrative and experience. It will guide you to explore different aspects of this important event while you revisit the historical battleground.


Experience Center and the Military History Center- Key to the Beimen Mystery


Also located in the Customs Quay is the “Experience Center.” The Center uses technology to recreate the battlefield, allowing visitors to act as the stone-carrying Qing soldiers and the French beachheads. The Military History Center at the Huwei Fortress Uses multimedia and sound technology to consolidate and reenact layers of historical memories, bringing us back to the gunpowder smell of 1884. The show is a comprehensive study of Taiwan’s development around and after the battle, and the story of the fortress’s decline and fall.


European Living Quarter- one day in Tamsui

The European Living Quarter comprises the Fortress San Domingo and the British Embassy. The Quarter captures the daily life of the foreigners living in Tamsui, and offers you a panoramic perspective of the Europeans. Visitors are invited to take the time machine with us, and to revisit the Tamsui in 1884.





Battle of Tamsui in Sino - French War

From 10/01

Tamsui Historical Museum, New Taipei City