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Arts and Museum Eventsin New Taipei City

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2021 New Taipei City Reading Festival


As part of our community, what memories or imaginations do you have about our city? In 2021 the New Taipei City Library will take you on a “reading” journey…


Reading New Taipei City with “…”

During the weekend, I love to slowly ride on the bike lane to see the riverbank view of the city. Can I read the city through a “bike?”
Yes, you can! This is exactly what you need to do to complete the “Reading Main Mission” for this festival.
No matter whether if you are reflecting the past, present or future, we wish our readers could fill in the space between the quotation marks with words that convey their backgrounds or life experiences in the city. To participate in the “I read New Taipei through ‘…’,” you are free to fill in any term that can associate with New Taipei City in any way, perhaps it can be “braised pork on rice,” “shopping” or “hiking.” We invite you to generate a new energy for New Taipei, developing new impressions for our city.

Event 1- Reading through the City Hall

As part of the 2021 Reading Festival, the New Taipei City Hall will serve to host its main imagery. The ground floor lobby of the Hall will be converted into three sections, including a central exhibition space and a sub space each within the east and west wings. Theses spaces will be dedicated to selected books according to different themes, allowing you to read the city in your own way.
The central exhibition will also feature “Reading through New Taipei,” a large interactive installation, where by flipping the pages of a physical book, you can take on a journey to visit the different times and spaces in New Taipei City.
The sub spaces feature “The Big Book Installation,” which responds to the visual imagery of the central exhibition. In these spaces, you will be asked to “Open a book and enter a different world.” Here, we focus on a wide range of themes of New Taipei City, asking you to read the city from various perspectives such as “I use ‘generation,’ ‘industrialization,’ ‘education’ and ‘transportation’ to read New Taipei City.”
At the same time, we have organized more than twenty reading salons focusing on different topics, these lectures will be led by experts from a different professions and will be sharing their unique and intimate experiences with you.


Event 2-Reading Outdoors

In addition, the New Taipei City Government will turn the public spaces near the City Hall into a “Reading Stage,” an event that features the performance of renowned musicians and local performing groups. They will bring the “symphony” that is orchestrated by music and Taiwanese hipster cultural.
We will set up bookstands near our “Reading Stage, which will focus on publications of various genres and topics, including 5 “Picture Book Tents,” that are popularly enjoyed by our young readers. We will also bring you the art market and independent publishers, which will provide you with all the latest book publications on the market.
Moreover, we also have several “bonus” projects, such as our “Poet’s Walk,” which will include different poems featuring New Taipei City. By the way, don’t miss out on our “photo shoot” spots, as they will show off your ‘bookish personality’.


An avid reader knows as much as an experienced traveler. Through our innovative events, the New Taipei City Library will take you to “read” through our unique City.

2021 New Taipei City Reading Festival

New Taipei City Library's Main Branch, local branches