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Arts and Museum Eventsin New Taipei City

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2021 New Taipei City Fine Arts Exhibition


The “New Taipei Fine Arts Exhibition” is one of the most respected art competition in Taiwan. Celebrating its 33rd event in 2021, the exhibition committee collected a large number of entries in the following categories: ink painting, Chinese calligraphy, nihonga, seal carving and sculpture (including sculptural mixed media). This year, the selection panel made further adjustments to the entry requirements for artwork scale, attracting the participation of more artists. In the end, 88 pieces of high quality artworks have made it to the final exhibition.
The selection panel is extremely impressed by the high standards demonstrated by all artists. The winners express their thoughts, emotion and life stories through creativity, innovation, and sophistication, as well as including reflections and sentiments of life scenarios which articulates meaningful statements and value through their practice.


Ink Painting Grand Prize: The Day of the Fallen
Inspired by Milton’s Paradise Lost, Lo Shang-yu switched the positions of characters, elevating the traditionally subordinate “her” character as the main focus. “She” falls, but decides to stay in the darkness, because she heard that “he” is also fallen in the dark. This is a choice made by her emotional attachments is still a choice made by her.


Sculpture Grand Prize: A Bath of Desire
This piece consists of a bathtub, several ceramic bottles and shards, cat litter, and a hanging light bulb. In one’s life, a ‘bathroom’ is a place where most wastes are created. However, the generation of all sanitary waste is an unavoidable requirement due to development of contemporary lifestyles. Guided by the dim lights, Xu Wen-ling wants us to focus on the discarded supplies, the cat litter gradually become gravel dust through time.

Nihonga Grand Prize: The Hazy Old Building
This piece created by Wu Pei-chi, focuses on the former City Council Building. Although the building does not have the same level of significance as The Luce Chapel or Taichung Park in Taichung, but it forms an integral part of daily life. The building exists not only in the physical environment, but also in the collective memory of the community.


Seal Carving Grand Prize: Reflection of the Yecaotang Studio
Zhang Tian-jian’s work comprises 20 pieces of delicate stone seals, each carrying a classic poem which he carved. These 20 poems, stemmed out from the epiphanic moment of his daily life, detail the artist’s personal journey through a year marked by silence. Thanks to the journey, the artist is now able to ‘make a toast to his old self’ and be content with the new.

Chinese Calligraphy Grand Prize: Couplet of Huating Temple
While this piece applies the Han Dynasty Clerical Script style, it is clear that Wu Qi-cong’s brushstrokes are influenced by other traditional writing styles as well, styles such as Oracle Bone and Bronze Inscription, Seal Script and Bamboo-Manuscript. All characters demonstrate exceptional mastery in the finishing, stroke-crossing, lining, juxtaposing and mingling of the Chinese calligraphy. Through the borrowing of other traditional schools, Wu has demonstrated to us a brand new approach to the art of calligraphy.

2021 New Taipei City Fine Arts Exhibition
New Taipei City Arts Center