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New Taipei City Children's Arts Festival 2024: Monster Kingdom

ThThe annual New Taipei City Children's Arts Festival will take place from July 13th to 21st at New Taipei City Plaza and various art and cultural centers throughout New Taipei City. This year's theme, "Monster Kingdom," combines performing arts, art installations, interactive experiences, and markets to create a magical and adventurous realm. Children and adults are invited to embark on a fantastical journey through the Monster Kingdom alongside various monsters!

This year, the New Taipei City Government has once again partnered with the Japanese art collective teamLab to transform the city hall lobby into a massive technological art playground. Children can draw buildings, cars, flying objects, and more, and then scan their drawings into a 3D city. This collaborative city-building activity helps children understand spatial concepts and urban operations while enhancing their creativity and their expressive abilities. Additionally, four fun zones have been planned: Joyful Plaza, Monster Gate, Monster Path, and Monster Story House, at which everyone is invited to explore and discover!

The "Joyful Plaza" will feature exciting performances filled with drama, music, dance, and magical light and sound effects on a daily basis. On July 13th, the "If Children's Theatre" will kick off the festival with a performance of the classic "Little Store, Little Thief, Little Detective Pig." The grown-up Detective Pig will share his childhood stories and show how he uses keen observation skills and a calm mind to catch thieves. Other highlights include performances by the Kuangmei Symphony Wind Orchestra with "Cartoon Animation Extravaganza," and the Creative Troupe of Andersen and Mozart with "Rooftop Joy Party," creating delightful parent-child moments. Additionally, the Yoyo Family and popular cartoon stars will deliver energetic singing and dancing performances!

Inspired by the imagery of European mythology and fairy tale kingdom architecture, the large main installation "Monster Story House" is an outdoor immersive interactive theater for parents and children, created by the Mobile Story House team. It combines light and sound effects with multi-sensory experiences, offering children an enchanting journey that is both entertaining and educational. There will also be many other interactive experiences and art installations in which visitors are invited to explore the wonders brought by artists from home and abroad.

This year, the New Taipei City Children's Arts Festival has expanded its venues beyond the main locations to include various art and cultural centers such as the New Taipei City Arts Center, Xinzhuang Cultural and Arts Center, and Xinban Art Gallery. A series of exciting exhibitions and performances have been planned, including the exclusive "Monster Alliance" activities during the festival period. These activities will ensure that both children and adults can have a joyful and playful summer holiday, happily exploring the Monster Kingdom and embarking on a fantastic and joyous adventure!


From 07/13 until 07/21

New Taipei Cultural Affairs Department


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