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Arts and Museum Eventsin New Taipei City

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NTCAM On the Move – XOXO Sensing Nature


The New Taipei City Art Museum (NTCAM) is located on the riverbank of Dahan River. This year, NTCAM is “On the Move” and will launch the “XOXO Sensing Nature” exhibition, in collaboration with the New Taipei City Museum Family. Starting from October 8th 2022, the exhibition will simultaneously be on display at the Tamsui Historical Museum and the 435 Art Zone. This show explores the riverbank region of New Taipei City, backtracking the interlocking history of the river and city.


Curated by the Dimension Endowment of Art, this exhibition invites 16 artist groups to reenact environmental cycle, sustainability, landmarks, urban memory, social media and other topics through their practice, inviting you to experience the continuous development of our environment and history.


Environmental Cycle x Sustainability x Memory Landmarks

4 artists will exhibit their works at Tamsui Historical Museum Customs Wharf Building B and on the outdoor lawn. Chiu, Chen-Hung’s Light on Treetops is inspired by the red brick debris found by the riverbank, prompting the artist to construct an alternative relationship with the river. In We Carry Mountain’s Memory, We Converge and Interweave Here, and We Sail into the Wind, artist Chen, Shu-Yen casts a view of Pinglin, located on the upper-stream of Beishi River from the Tamsui estuary. The work captures the residues of the past of the Tamsui Customs Wharf and Pinglin, recreating the movements of downwind mast and fishes. Chen, Sheng-Wen’s Wayu Wayu Island- Water Bird and Mangrove Forest, is based on the artist’s own fieldwork, which focuses on the mangrove forest and water birds, intending to allow his work to integrate into the environmental cycle.


Beishi River, which forms the upper-stream of Tamsui River, has profoundly changed the relationship between the Pinglin residents and their environment due to the protection by relevant Environmental Acts and voluntary actions of the local community. Artist Chen, Ke-Tin invited Pinglin Experimental Junior High School students and the local community to co-create The Confluence of Memory - Cohabitation with Beishi River, the work is a testament to the experience and memory of living in peace with the river.


Urban Memory X Social Media X Bodily Perceptions

Chuang, Chih-Wei’s artwork, In the Progress/Capturing River, is open to audience for participation, inviting you to reflect on the memory and imagination of a river with colors. In FAMEME’'s Me-dia, an internationally renowned influencer records his performances at Yong-Ping High School and Xinpu Junior High School campuses.


Furthermore, this exhibition has also included the 435 Resident Artists Annual Exhibition, which features the works of 10 local artists. They draw inspiration from all aspects of their urban live and offer multiple approaches to interpreting and unveiling a unique perspective.


Throughout the exhibition period, we offer a wide range of workshops and lectures, please follow the NTCAM Facebook Page for information updates.


The Tamsui Customs Wharf and Outdoor Plaza
435 Art Zone