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Arts and Museum Eventsin New Taipei City

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 Traditional Life in Vogue

Finding innovation in tradition is a great way to celebrate beauty in our life. “Traditional Life in Vogue”is a holiday bazaar that combines the traditional and innovative local brands. The twenty participating stores offer deserts and sweets, handmade crafts and creative gifts, as well as pop up wine bar! On the weekend evenings, we invite you to walk around the streets of Fuzhong and experience the festivities of the most innovative old town.


Music and street food to enrich your Moon Festival

On October 1, the “Moonlight Concert” will present the most popular folklore repertoire and various celebrated singers and performers. Several “Super-Yummy Food Carts” will be available to offer you a savory feast. Our gaming team will organize endless family-friendly challenges, ranging from moon rabbit, grapefruit peeling, riddles and hand puppet. Altogether we will bring you a melodious and delicious Mid-Autumn Festival.


“ T h e C o m m o n A s s e m b l a g e ” : A A r t Museum with No Walls

“The Common Assemblage” is located in the wallless art museum in the streets and alleyways of a city. Lin Hong-John, the exhibition curator, aims to expand the arts into the public space. Lin has invited several artists-in-residence from the 435 Art Zone New Taipei City, to create artistic installations in the streets of Fuzhong. These works, which forms a dialogue with the urban environment, incorporates the daily experience of the local residents and the historical trajectory of the Fuzhong area. This approach assembles a new “common” entity. Amongst the works, Satoru Kondo’s Treasure focuses on the residents frequenting Huang Shi Market to create a psychological photomap of the area. As a written form of the light, photography allows the artist to reveal the treasures hidden in the dark.

Alley 24, Wenchang Street- a landscape in which the time passes through

This collective project includes Screen 24, a photography exhibition, and Floral Window 24 . Hsiao-wei Huang, artist and curator, has teamed up with the local residents. The team has chosen Alley 24 of Wenchang Street as a study case for aesthetic demonstration, transforming the traditional alleyways into a collective gallery hallway, showcasing the industries of the Fuzhong area. The team, including photographers, residents and the Chihlee University of Technology team, have captured the heartfelt moments of the past and present. In the autumnal Banqiao, you will hear time’s footsteps through the old alleyway.

Our other programs include “Our Fashionable Grandma.,”encouraging all beautiful and fashionable grandmothers to partake our beauty context. The winners will be able to showcase their
catwalk skills and receive an award! We also offer “Fashion Lucky Charms,” “Cihui Temple Blessings” and “Stamp Collection.” By successfully passing all the challenges, you will have the chance to receive a limited show bag, Cihui Temple lucky charm, “Lin Meili Butterfly” and much more. We invite you to create a beautiful cultural experience with Fuzhong.


Traditional Life in Vogue

Now Until 10/25
New Taipei City Fuzhong Administrative Region