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Arts and Museum Eventsin New Taipei City

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Taiwan’s biggest Christmas festival - “the 2019 Christmasland in New Taipei City” has launched its thematic “Christmas Magic Town.” It will keep you company and entertained until January 1, 2020. This year’s repertoire includes Children’s Carnival, Superstar concerts and many more. Through December, we will light up the entire city, and enchant visitors from all over the globe!



One Tree, Twin Towers- The Only One in the World

This year, the light show will connect the Civic Square Christmas tree decorations and the projection on the Civic Building surface, with those on the southern facade of the TRA Banqiao Station to form a connective lightscape. This dynamic arrangement will create


the view of “One Tree, Twin Towers-the only one in the world,” a multilayered projection mapping arrangement. The lightscape, at 8,800 square meters in size, is the most expansive in years.



Special Feature: Santa Bear’s Magic Town


In addition to the super glitzy lighting show, we have organized two free rides: Sweet Coffee Cup and Lavender Carousal. Other markets and lighting shows include the Castle Market, Ice Age and Oceanic Bubbles. All of them are here to entice you with their

unique illuminative charm.


Special Hit: New Taipei Magic Forest


A team of artists, recognized with Italy’s prestigious design prizes, has been invited to incorporate the New Taipei City landscape and create a series of cultural and artistic wonderlands. These include the interactive shows of Magic Mountains, Light Maze

and Forest Bath. Also, we have not forgotten the kids’favorites, and will showcase Little Train Ride and the Miravivi Christmas House, in which all the adorable cartoon characters meet up. This year’s Christmasland experience is full of pleasant surprise! 



Pisuke and Usagi are here!

In New Banqiao Central Park, six super-kawaii Kanahei exhibits await fans to come and hang out with them and check in! You can also visit pop-up stores and bring home the super cute Kanahei family. Also, giant dolls will stop by the park from time to time and

hang out with you, and promise you with endless fun throughout Christmas and New Year!

Feature Check-in Spots: Christmas Fairytale Walkways Our fairytale walkways comprise the “Duo-color Walkway,” featuring crystal blue and Pokemon yellow lighting; “Purple Walkway,” adorned by blinking purple lighting; “Meteor Walkway,” full of icy white light, and “Violet Walkway,” in which two Colors interlace with one another. Moreover, the Banqiao Station B1 Underpass will also transform into “Oceanic

Bubbles.” Every fairytale walkway is a check-in spot not to be missed, as each is romantic in its own unique way.


Countless Activities, Endless Laughter

In between the glittering light shows and walkways, we have organized a large number of equally enjoyable programs. Following the activities gone by, every weekend from November 30 onwards will see the arrival of a series of exciting activities, such as Christmasland Walk, Smart Eating and Sharing, Christmas Hip Hop- Chasing the tracks, and more. They are here to excite the entire New Taipei City! 







Citizen’s Square, Zhanqian Square, Wanping Park and

the surrounding area