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Picture Book Let's Go -Traveling with Illustration Books

In 2019, “Picture Book Let's Go” was established by a group of illustrators who are passionate about visual arts. All of them led a unique life. Through their exquisite brushstrokes, the artists tell an elegant story of their dream and mental landscape, articulating their one of a kind life stories.


Everybody is a Book

“Travel with Illustration Books” is the theme of this exhibition. It is inspired by the idea that every single one of us is a book. A book carries the life story of an individual, which is interleaved with loneliness and happiness. Through the bittersweet emotional journey, one gradually accumulates wisdom, and colors one’s own book with surprises and affections. Throughthe eyes of the creators, we will experience new perspectives and reach a broader world.


Is there any other way to learn painting?

The aim of this exhibition is to break the traditional ideas in arts education. It is a common perception that students in fine arts have to follow a set of rigid rules in the conventional education system. But is this the only way to be trained?
Although most people believe they have no talent for drawing, yet we firmly believe that everyone is a creator, and can express themselves with a pen and a brush. Imagination and color can take you far, enabling you to shine through the telling of your own story.



Activating the Creative Energy

In this exhibition, it is the artists’ hope that their work will plant seeds in other people’s life, activating everyone’s creative energy. This is an opportunity for you to share your unique story, while being nurtured by the stories of others.
The artists will conduct experiential art classes during the exhibition period. “Picture Book Let's Go” will take you into the wonderland of creativity in a relaxed manner. No matter who you are or where you are from, we will introduce the joy of drawing into your life.


We invite you to follow us and “Picture Book Let's Go” to enhance art in your daily life with a broader perspective. Through art, we believe our community can reorganize their life, hence activating a deeper, more encompassing dialogue with each other. We hope our effort will bring a new appearances into Taiwan’s artistic world.





Picture Book Let's Go - Traveling with
Illustration Books
New Taipei City Yongan Arts Center(2F., No. 390, Zhonghe Rd., Zhonghe Dist., New Taipei City)