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Arts and Museum Eventsin New Taipei City

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2020 NTPC Children's Art Festival.

This summer holiday, all monsters are training hard to get ready for the upcoming championship game next year. Follow the instructions of the “Champion Training Guidebook,” which will have the monster team set off to the five islands in a search for mysterious symbols listed in the guidebook. The journey is featured by various outstanding performances, art installations and online games. This is a training journey unlike any others. Let’s join the monsters and level up!


After the visiting Monster Island, let's visit the Joyous Fun Island!

Monsterland X (New Taipei Metropolitan Park) will bid its farewell on August 2nd, but don’t worry! The City has organized “Joyous Fun in New Taipei- Children’s Art Festival Program Series” to extend the time for fun! The festival will arrange performances from the Wanli Junior High School’s drum team, National Taiwan College of Performing Arts, Troupe of Acrobatics, and the Yoyo Ensembles on August 1st. Additional activities include “Little Police, Little Firefighters” career counselling program and Baseball and Football Family Fun. On August 2, the children’s theater will officially close the festival with their stunning performance in the Metropolitan Park. Lots of fun and laughter to come, you don’t want to miss it! Still not enough? No need to worry. The “Joyous Fun Island” series will bring further activities in the New Taipei Museum of Art and the Yingge Ceramics Museum gallery site. We have designed “Mission in the Art Museum” challenge for you to play. Through the guidance of our artists, the children will be able to plan the birth, design and construction of an art museum. What’s more, the popular “ARTGOGO Bus” will take you on a journey of artistic joy! 



Lego World in the New Taipei Civic Square, Colorful Dinosaurs Lost in Fuzhong

One of the highlights of this year is the transformation of turning the Civic Square into a Lego World! You are able to do sightseeing by catching the toy block choo choo train, which will take you to all the Taiwanese landmarks! Also, you will get to enjoy the educational programs of Lego robotic science, and the programing of arts and interactive technology. Moreover, a huge Lego clock will perform dancing performance of Lego robots and animals every hour!
In this energetic summer, all dinosaurs will make an appearance in the Fuzhong business district with their colorful outfit, ready to take photos with everyone. Also, pop up artists will also bring you their best performances from Friday to Sunday. Special offers are available in participating shops, make sure you receive your freebies and discounts when you visit them.


Fun and Educational Online Games for Everyone

This year, the pioneering online games combine a wide range of events that explore the arts, street performance, cultural heritage, and natural sceneries and physical training. The online games, which consists of eight segments, will bring both fun and artistic knowledge to your kids.
Apart from the Children’s Art Festival events, all New Taipei City cultural institutions have organized a wide range of complementary activities. The Yingge Ceramics Museum will hold a “Summer Clay Festival,” the New Taipei City Library leads you on “A Walk through the City via Reading,” Fuzhong 15 brings you a cinematic feast through their “Children’s Film Festival,” and don’t forget to experience the fun of traditional craft at the Gold Museum through their “Enamel Painting Workshop for Beginners.” Please visit the websites of each institutions for further information.



2020 NTPC Children's Art Festival

New Taipei Metropolitan Park, New Taipei Civic Square, Fuzhong Shopping District, New Taipei City Gallery and Ceramic Museum Site, Online program series